A War on Fake News – Cut off the Supply Lines

I am tired of fake news. I am tired of how fake news had such a huge impact on the election, I am tired of it clogging up my social media feeds, I am tired of people using it to make arguments about what is ‘really’ happening in the world.

People who are producing fake news are making as much as $60,000 a month on lies and propaganda. How? They are raking in money from Google Adsense and other similar pay per click advertising services: (See http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/fake-news-how-partying-macedonian-teen-earns-thousands-publishing-lies-n692451)

So – I have started my own little war. The first thing I am doing is reporting every ‘click-baitey’ site I see on Facebook. The second thing I am doing is blocking people who spread fake news (whether from the right OR the left) The third thing I am doing is writing advertisers on various fake news sites (which so far have included Toyota, Shutterfly, Quaker and Hulu in the past 15 minutes). I am reporting seeing their ads on the site(s) and asking them if they are aware how their brand is being tarnished by such associations. Companies who go with a service like Adsense don’t necessarily know where their ads are going to end up, HOWEVER, they can eliminate their advertising from these sites.

My letter goes like this – usually sent through the contact email address for feedback.

I am one of your customers and I am working to eliminate as much fake news as possible from my life. I was looking at one website – Genesis Communications, which is the home of Alex Jones’ hatemongering “Infowars” program and I saw your advertisement right next to some of his hate speech. Do you really want your brand tarnished in this manner?

Alex Jones (Infowars host who made the claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax) reportedly makes $1.5 million a year peddling hate and propaganda. I think his funding should be cut off and the man should have to start working for a living like the rest of us.

To find who is supporting these sites, you generally have to look at the bottom of the page.

If enough of us speak up, we will be able to starve out the liars.

Guidelines on how to weed out fake news sites.