About Me

I grew up in the Mississippi River Delta in the 60s and 70s.  Grinding poverty, tar paper shacks (lived in one) and this yellow dust that made you hot just to LOOK at it.

But I was lucky, my mother was a teacher, and she was bound and determined that I was going to get a decent education.

I still remember the day I went to our little school library – I must have been in the second grade or so, and I found this ragged and tattered book, No Man Friday by Rex Gordon.  This science fiction classic that was made into the film “Robinson Crusoe on Mars.”  I was hooked – completely, totally and utterly hooked.

From that point on I read every science fiction book, short story or comic book I could get my hands on.  It was my escape and my solace.  I read other things too of course, but science fiction was always my favorite.  And when I discovered Tolkien, I was REALLY done for….smile

In any event, I grew up, went to college, got degrees in journalism and biology (go figure) and decided that I would make my way as a journalist.  My career took a LOT or twists and turns (I am currently in computer security and compliance) , and I wound up living in Washington, DC for 15 years.  My book plans were put on hold over and over again as life just got in the way. I got married and we left DC to move back to the South.

A few years ago I did finish my first novel and self-published it (after going through the agent/publisher spin cycle for several months).  It got decent reviews but it was a mystery, not my genre of choice and I was never really happy with the editing.  But, again, life got in the way and my writing projects got put aside.

But, after really doing some analysis on what it is I want out of life, I realized that writing was my passion, so best get on with it. 🙂

So that is what this blog is all about. Well, almost.  I am also a political activist. And there will be a LOT of essays about social issues going forward. So, read the blog for updates on my novels, or read the blog on updates on social activism. Up to you!

I am passionate about independent publishing – something that has been greatly needed for many years.

I am also a horse fanatic!

Happy reading!


PPS – Best written book I have read in a long time (in the top ten books I have read in my life – not Scifi/Fantasy but has a certain degree of speculative fiction elements, winner Pulitzer Prize for fiction – 2013)